Breathwork Experience


Somethimes known as Rebirthing,Breathwork, or Conscious Connected Breathing these are all the same process of simply connecting the inhale and exhale with no pauses in between. After breathing in the manner for approximately 1 hour the typical new client finds his or her attention moving from the focus on the breathing to experiencing spontaneous memories, seeing them, feeling ,and witnesses the moments where less then optimum life outcomes and conclusions originated. With this witnessing , the client can release the stuck energy, those pockets of toxic thought energies that have been controlling and  blindsiding them for most of there life. The Breath itself is our life force , its intelligence knows where to go in the body, to move the energy out of the body . To then allow for more life,more freedom,more pure light to enter. this light energy is who we are . As a client continues with sessions of breathwork more tensions  and negative thought forms are dissolved.As the breath guides the client with ease thru the session, its possible to make new conscious choices about current real life issues that previously had been inaccessible.It truly is miraculous.enlightening,enlivening, you have more energy in the physical body,when you freeup stuck energy.  


A Typical Breathwork Session Begins With A Conversation Or If Your New A Introduction . Once Were Ready To Breathe The Breathing Session Can Last Anywhere From 1 Hour ,sometimes 2 Hours. In The Session, The Breath Will Take Over And Go To The Area Of The Body Or Mind Where The Dense Energy Is Stuck. I Will Be There Guiding You To Keep The Breathing Going,your Breath Will Start To Vibrate. Your Body Will Have Sensations, You Will Possibly Feel Tingling ,the Breath Will Push To The Surface Any Energy That Is Not Of Love .

Any Obstacles ,any Negative Thought Patterns Into Your Awareness,remember Your Breath Is Your Life Force, Divinely Directed When Used For The Purpose Of Healing And Releasing.most People Have Profound Insights. To Release Toxic Energy Around Birth And Being In The Body. Breathwork Free’s Up And Opens , Expands Your Experience Of Is Always Divinely Directed And Unique To You . Breathwork Is Safe, Freeing, Liberation Is One Of The A Great Benefits. After A Session Most People Have A Heightened Awareness Of Themselves And The World Around Them, They Feel Lighter. More Purposeful

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