Elizabeth Carver

Paula  ,Your deep knowledge of and respect for your own spirituality & higher consciousness make you the perfect guide for those of us hoping to explore &h​eal our own innerselves. My experience as your student in the Espira class has been absolutely life changing. Each stage allowed me to hold and truly see differen aspects of my life & personality.As I studied these aspects, you taught me about loving, healing and transforming them, And I must say, I was qute surprised at sme of things I saw and learned.Even though I took this class two yrs ago,I am still experiencing wonderful changes in ME! Some of my favorite gifts I received as a result of my time with you are: Random bursts of joy!!! .powerful and definite connection with everything & everyone on the planet.Deep sense of purpose. Constant and lovely feeling of contentment, peace, trust in Divine Order. Just know Paula I am happier,healthier,and you’ve raised the

vibration of the planet (one soul at a time)

much love and many blessings,


Published by babaji2022

On a mission to raise the vibration of the planet especially those walking on it. Through the healing modality of Breathwork. Energetic Shift in consciousness