Joseph A. Drolshagen

I have spent most of my adult life seeking spirituality.I have spent many hours in counseling (both individual as well as group) programs of various sorts. I’ve attempted meditation, both with and without the bible as the staple. I studied different religions and I probably have  enough knowledge of each to carry on an intelligent conversation. Nothing I have been through has opened the door as far, nor as quickly as working with Paula. Her title(Master Breathworker) says it all. She is a Master. She is the most solid spiritual force I’ve had the privilege of studying under and my spirituality  has pole-vaulted under her instruction. In the time I have been working with her, I have experienced more breakthroughs than my entire life combined otherwise.Breakthroughs in my makeup, breakthroughs in my spirituality ,understanding and beliefs.Breakthroughs in how I live my life today. For anyone that is serious about growing personally &/or spiritually,Paula would be my number one recommendation with a doubt.



Published by babaji2022

On a mission to raise the vibration of the planet especially those walking on it. Through the healing modality of Breathwork. Energetic Shift in consciousness